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Yellowstone DB-19 Female Disk Adapter

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This DB-19 female adapter makes it possible to attach Apple disk drives with a D-shaped 19-pin connector to BMOW's Yellowstone Universal Disk Controller. Examples of such drives include the DuoDisk, AppleDisk 5.25, Unidisk 3.5, Macintosh M0131 Drive, and Apple 3.5 Drive.

The adapter includes a six inch ribbon cable and a detachable mini-board that converts the ribbon cable connector into a DB-19 female shape. The ribbon cable plugs in directly to the Yellowstone disk controller, while the DB-19 female connector attaches to compatible Apple disk drives.

Two adapters can be used simultaneously if desired: one for each of Yellowstone's two independent drive connectors.

This adapter has custom wiring that’s specifically designed for use with Yellowstone, and should not be used with other disk hardware.

Can be connected directly to Yellowstone board
Apple Disk II A2M0003 BMOW Floppy Emu
Naked Apple 5.25” Drives wDrive
Naked Apple 3.5” Drives  
Requires Yellowstone DB-19F adapter
Unidisk 5.25 A9M0104 Macintosh 800K External M0131
Disk IIc A2M4050 Apple SuperDrive (Apple FDHD Drive) G7287
Duo Disk 5.25 A9M0108 Unidisk 3.5 A2M2053
AppleDisk 5.25 A9M01075 Applied Engineering 3.5
Apple 3.5 Drive A9M0106 Laser FD100 5.25

A naked drive is a bare drive mechanism without any enclosure, such as an internal drive taken from a Macintosh, Apple IIc, or Apple IIc+.

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