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Mac Sync-inator VGA Sync Converter

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Take the hassles out of vintage Macintosh monitor setup! The Mac Sync-inator is a Mac-to-VGA video converter with a powerful sync processor built-in.

More than just a passive adapter, the Sync-inator is an active microcontroller-driven device that analyzes the sync signals received from your computer and converts them into new formats, enabling better compatibility across the spectrum of vintage video source and monitor combinations.

The Sync-inator can work even where other Mac-to-VGA solutions won’t. If you’ve got a monitor that refuses to work with your vintage Mac video card, give the Sync-inator a try. 

Sync-inator Benefits

  • Three different sync processing modes, for wider compatibility than other VGA adapters
  • Automatic sync mode selection, for easy setup
  • Sync activity LEDs for quick troubleshooting feedback
  • Serial port output of video signal diagnostic info
  • Plus all the other capabilities of standard passive VGA adapters


The Mac Sync-inator supports all classic Macintosh computers and video cards with a standard DB-15 monitor connector, and is also compatible with the Apple IIgs (a 15 kHz monitor is also needed for the GS). The Apple IIc uses the same physical connector but has different video signals, and is not compatible with the Sync-inator.

Monitor compatibility depends on both the computer’s video signal and the Sync-inator itself. Sync-inator’s active sync processing modes (csync substitution and csync splitting) are compatible with most monitors; in rare cases a monitor may balk at the microcontroller-generated sync signals, but these will be cases where a passive adapter (e.g. Belkin) would never have worked. So although the Sync-inator can’t claim support for every possible combination of video source and monitor, it will work for every combination where passive adapters work, plus most combinations where passive adapters fail.

Learn More

For full details and instructions: Mac Sync-inator project page and instructions