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Dual 5.25 Drive Adapter for Disk II Interface Card

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Emulate two 5.25 inch floppy drives at the same time when using the Floppy Emu Model C disk emulator with an Apple Disk II Interface Card. Includes the adapter module and one six inch 20-pin disk ribbon cable.

Floppy Emu Model C can emulate two 5.25 inch Apple II floppy drives at the same time. That's great for two-disk games and for reducing disk swapping. But dual 5.25 inch drive mode normally requires an Apple II computer or disk controller card with a 19-pin D-SUB DB-19 connector. That leaves out Apple II owners who have the older Disk II Interface Card with two separate 10 x 2 pin rectangular disk connectors. The Dual 5.25 Inch Drive Adapter is an accessory for Apple's standard Disk II Interface Card, bringing support for dual floppy drive emulation.

This adapter makes it possible to use dual 5.25 mode with the Disk II Interface Card. Why all the fuss about DB-19 versus 10 x 2 rectangular connectors? The DB-19 has two independent logic signals for enabling two separate disk drives, but the rectangular connector only has a single enable signal. This adapter taps into the enable signals from both rectangular connectors on the Disk II Interface Card, and combines them.

The Dual 5.25 Drive Adapter isn't required, but it makes everything more convenient for a Floppy Emu paired with a Disk II Interface Card. Without the adapter, the Disk II Interface Card works for Floppy Emu's single 5.25 inch floppy emulation mode, but dual 5.25 mode is not supported.

Please see the Floppy Emu instruction manual for full compatibility details for its Dual 5.25 Inch Floppy emulation mode.

Dual 5.25 Adapter setup instructions

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