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Replacement DB-19 Male Adapter and Extension Cable

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This is the DB-19 male adapter that's included with the Floppy Emu. If your original adapter was lost or if you need a spare, this is it. Includes the pictured adapter board plus a 3 foot ribbon cable. The DB-19 male connector fits classic Macintosh and Apple II computers, and the 2 x 10 ribbon cable connector fits the Floppy Emu.

This adapter is only for use with a Floppy Emu disk emulator, and should not be used with original Apple floppy drives or other disk types.

NOTE: This adapter is normally sold only as part of the Floppy Emu hardware package, but spare adapters can be made upon request. If the store stock level shows 0 in stock, please contact BMOW to request one.