About BMOW

Big Mess o’ Wires is an electronics blog and e-commerce store for hobbyists and enthusiasts, run by Steve Chamberlin. Need some hardware accessories for your Apple II, Lisa, or vintage Macintosh? Enjoy tinkering with a soldering iron and playing with vintage electronics? If so, you’re in the right place.

On the BMOW Projects site, you’ll find my custom CPU designs and related computer builds. You’ll also find occasional equipment reviews of oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, debugging tools, and other goodies. Thanks to many years of tinkering, I’ve become fairly skilled at working with various microcontrollers, designing custom circuit boards, and manufacturing my designs. Along the way I also got involved with vintage Apple computers, and have become something of an expert in a few niche areas surrounding Apple II and Macintosh disks and ROMs. Eventually I combined these passions, and now sell custom retro-computing hardware here in the BMOW Store.

Why not “Big Mess of Wires”? What happened to the letter F? It just sounds better this way.